REGENERATE Enamel Science™ Advanced Toothpaste and Advanced Enamel Serum are powered by exclusive and clinically proven NR-5™ technology. This breakthrough comes after 9 years of research – inspired by advanced bone repair technology – providing unique products designed to help restore lost enamel mineral with hydroxyapatite, exactly the same mineral as found in tooth enamel.

REGENERATE Enamel Science™ Advanced Toothpaste

REGENERATE Enamel Science™ Advanced Toothpaste

Daily Use – suitable in place of regular toothpaste

REGENERATE Enamel Science™ Advanced Toothpaste contains NR-5™ technology within a water-free formula, developed to prevent ingredients from reacting together within the tube. This gives the Advanced Toothpaste distinctive product characteristics: a dense, rich texture formula that is activated on contact with water in the mouth. This can provide a warm tingling sensation, experienced by some individuals.

At each brushing with Advanced Toothpaste, the NR-5™ ingredients calcium silicate and sodium phosphate combine to form a fresh supply of enamel minerals, which wrap and integrate onto teeth, helping to regenerate enamel. The Advanced Toothpaste also contains 1450 ppm sodium monofluorophosphate, providing all the benefits of regular toothpaste.

  • Regenerates enamel by restoring its mineral content with regular use
  • Protects and strengthens against cavities, for 3 times stronger teeth, as demonstrated in an in vitro test measuring enamel hardness, versus standard fluoride toothpaste*
  • Helps to restore original tooth whiteness
  • Fresh mint sensation

*Hornby K, Ricketts SR, Philpotts CJ, Joiner A, Schemehorn B, Willson R. Enhanced enamel benefits from a novel toothpaste and dual phase gel containing calcium silicate and sodium phosphate salts. Journal of Dentistry 2014;42(Suppl 1):S39-45. READ MORE

REGENERATE Enamel Science™ Advanced Enamel Serum

REGENERATE Enamel Science™ Boosting Serum

Monthly Use for 3 consecutive days

REGENERATE Enamel Science™ Advanced Enamel Serum contains both NR-5™ technology and 1450 ppm fluoride (sodium fluoride and sodium monofluorophosphate), to help provide focused protection against the effects of enamel erosion and acid attacks.

Use of the Advanced Enamel Serum increases the effectiveness of the Advanced Toothpaste by 43%, as demonstrated in a 3 day in vitro test measuring enamel hardness**. This provides a concentrated regeneration boost, helping to reverse the early, invisible enamel erosion process and recover enamel hardness.

Each Advanced Enamel Serum kit contains one 16 ml NR-5™ Serum tube and one 16 ml Activator Gel plus two custom-fit mouth trays and a mixing stick. The Advanced Enamel Serum should be applied in the trays for 3 minutes each on upper and lower dental arches, every month, for three consecutive days, preferably before bed.

** Based on a 3 day in-vitro test measuring enamel micro hardness with combined use of Advanced Toothpaste and Advanced Enamel Serum vs Advanced Toothpaste only. Bodfel Jones S, Davies M, Chapman N, Willson R, Hornby K, Joiner A, West NX. Introduction of an interproximal mineralisation model to measure remineralisation caused by novel formulations containing calcium silicate, sodium phosphate salts and fluoride. Journal of Dentistry 2014;42(Suppl 1):S46-52. READ MORE

Download Brochure A product brochure containing instructions on how to use REGENERATE Enamel Science™ Advanced Enamel Serum is provided in every pack and can be downloaded here.