How to strengthen teeth and tooth enamel

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Healthy teeth are strong teeth, and their protective enamel layer is what keeps them strong. Enamel shields your precious teeth and nerves, keeping decay and pain at bay, and if it’s not looked after properly, problems with weak teeth and hypersensitivity can soon arise. Find out how to strengthen teeth, build up tooth enamel mineral and protect your pearly whites from enamel erosion here: it’s all down to good routines and good habits.

Causes of weak teeth

Before looking at how to strengthen tooth enamel, let’s rewind and identify the potential causes of weak teeth:


  • Enamel erosion: Our tooth enamel is under daily attack by acids found in common foods and drinks. This causes a loss of tooth enamel, exposing the level underneath called dentine, which could lead to pain, sensitivity and other oral care issues.
  • Sugary food and drink: Bacteria feed off sugar and create acid, which attacks teeth enamel. Fizzy drinks, sweets, fruit juice, and other high sugar products create an environment for plaque to develop which, if not attended to, can lead to cavities.
  • Daily wear and tear: Our teeth are always under stress, and if not looked after, this can cause enamel to deteriorate
  • Biting on something hard: Sometimes biting down on something hard can cause teeth enamel to crack or chip. The weaker the tooth is in the first place, the more likely this is to happen.
  • Medical conditions: Things like acid reflux and gastrointestinal problems can increase acid production in the mouth.
  • Dry mouth: A lack of saliva can limit the extent to which bacteria is controlled.

Symptoms of weak teeth:

How do you know you if have weak tooth enamel? Look out for these symptoms:

1. Pain and sensitivity: In the early stages of enamel erosion, the lower layer of dentine underneath becomes exposed. Therefore, certain foods and drinks (particularly those that are hot, cold, or sweet) can cause sensitivity and mild pain. As the enamel becomes more eroded, the softer layer of dentine becomes exposed and this can increase the pain level.

2. Cracks and chips: Teeth can become rough and jagged as they become weaker.

3. Cupping: Dents appear on the tooth’s surface, often on the biting point.

4. Discoloration: As your enamel becomes eroded, the yellow layer of dentine underneath becomes exposed, causing your teeth to lose their natural whiteness.


    glass tooth outline


    How to strengthen tooth enamel:

    Since our enamel is under attack every day, knowing how to strengthen tooth enamel is extremely important. The good news is that it’s within your control. It largely comes down to good habits and a thorough oral hygiene routine. Learn how to strengthen teeth with the following tips:

    1. Daily brushing and flossing: Brushing your teeth twice a day will help prevent the build-up of plaque that can lead to tooth decay. Remember to wait for at least 30 minutes to brush your teeth after consuming food or drink to reduce the risk of erosion. It’s important to get into all the gaps and along the gum line with floss too.

    2. Cut down on sugar: High sugar items can lead to cavities, so the more you eliminate the better. Failing that, cutting down on the amount of sugar you have in your diet will help when combined with a good cleaning routine.

    3. Eat foods high in calcium: Milk and cheese are high in calcium, which can help fight against acid erosion and strengthen tooth enamel. Again, this needs to be combined with a good routine and the right products.

    4. Use products that regenerate enamel mineral: Combine daily brushing with Regenerate’s Advanced Toothpaste with a monthly application of Regenerate’s Advanced Enamel Serum. This combination provides significant increase in enamel hardness, with 82%1 regeneration of enamel hardness after 3 days. Regenerate’s products can act on the early stages of erosion and help regenerate and strengthen tooth enamel.

    5. Avoid snacking or grazing between meals: Limiting the contact that your teeth have with food and drink to your staple daily meals will reduce their impact on your tooth enamel. This is also likely to help with cutting down on sugar.

    Implementation of these preventative measures can help to maintain the strength and longevity of teeth.

    ¹Based on an in-vitro test measuring enamel hardness after 3 days combined use of Toothpaste and Serum.

    The advice in this article does not constitute medical advice; it is solely available for information purposes. We recommend that you consult your dentist If you are experiencing any gum or oral health problems.

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